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Mole, Cyst, Wart and Skin Tag removal

Lichfield Skincare provides a convenient “See and Treat” skin surgery service for the removal of simple benign skin lesions. This includes raised moles on the face and body, scalp cysts, warts and skin tags.

What happens during a consultation for mole removal?
At the first visit, the skin lesion is thoroughly examined, and possible treatments are discussed, including the costs involved. Some people choose to have treatment at the first visit; others prefer to book a second appointment for surgery, after they have considered their options.

In most cases, moles (Benign Intradermal Naevus) and skin tags can be removed by shave biopsy. After numbing the skin, the lesion is sliced off level to the skin, and any small bleeding points stopped. This gives a flat, faint scar which is usually skin coloured. A dressing is kept on for 2 days after the procedure.


Shave Biopsy of a Benign Intradermal Naevus

Cysts are removed by making a small hole in the centre of the cyst, then removing the contents and the cyst wall. This leaves only a small, short scar once the stitches are removed.


A typical Scalp Cyst and multiple Seborrhoeic Warts on the back

Cautery is a very simple technique used to treat vascular lesions such as spider naevus, and can help to flatten sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

Some skin lesions, such as small, flat seborrhoeic warts or viral warts can be treated with cryotherapy (freezing), rather than surgery.

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Convenient one-stop skin surgery service for Moles, Cyst, Wart and Skin Tag Removal in Lichfield. Lichfield Skincare is close to Burntwood, Burton, Cannock, Little Aston, Rugeley, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth and Walsall.